Alfa Romeo SZ wheel refurbishment - Our Shed

By: Mary Lee, Photography by: Mary Lee, Matt Coleman

alfa romeo rims before 2 alfa romeo rims before 2
wheel being painted wheel being painted
two piece rims two piece rims
wheel face wheel face
wheel bolts before and after 2 wheel bolts before and after 2
alfa romeo etching on rim alfa romeo etching on rim
size etching on rim size etching on rim
speedline etching on rim speedline etching on rim
alfa sz wheel after 3 alfa sz wheel after 3
alfa sz rear wheel alfa sz rear wheel
alfa romeo sz alfa romeo sz

The Alfa SZ's Speedline split-rims get the full treatment, as Mary Lee explains

Sparkling Speedlines

An overhaul of the wheels on the SZ was always on the to-do list, but after a general spruce up of the car just before the Alfa club nationals, it was even more obvious that they needed attention. They were all in poor shape and nagging for a makeover, but it was going to be a big job.

alfa-romeo-rims-before.jpgAll four rims were in poor shape and dull

The rims are a two-piece, 16-inch Speedline design, seven inches wide on the front and eight on the rear. Showing signs of harsh cleaning and neglect from a previous owner, all four wheels were very dull and scratched, and the protective clear coat on the polished outer rims was worn and cloudy to the point that no amount of polish would brighten them. There was also some nasty gutter rash that needed to be fixed.

two-piece-rims.jpgCleaning multi-piece rims is easy, just split ‘em

Enter Matt Coleman and the team from Wheel Solutions Australia in Richmond, known as the go-to place for wheel refurbishment with many high-end Euro marques. They are also familiar with the Italian-made Speedlines.

wheel-bolts-before-and-after.jpgBefore and after. Stylised Speedline logo on each bolt looked more like scratches to begin with

Matt took the rims apart and cleaned each of the outer bolts inside a water bead cabinet which revealed a barely visible Speedline logo on the top. All 120 of them! He also did the wheel nuts at the same time.

alfa-romeo-etching-on-rim.jpgSubtle engravings on the outer rims were barely visible before

The outer rims were polished and Matt took care to retain the subtle engravings of 'Alfa Romeo', 'Speedline' and the wheel size, buried under years of tarnish.

alfa-romeo-rims-after3.jpgGood as new. Even the Alfa Romeo roundel centre cap was vertically aligned with the tyre valve on each rim as a nice touch

The wheel weights were moved to the inside to finish the clean look and with a final coat of clear applied, no more manual polishing!


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