1926 Humber 9/20: Reader Ride

By: John & Rhonda Paech, Photography by: John & Rhonda Paech

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John & Rhonda Paech are keeping some old cars in fine fettle out in country South Australia


1926 Humber 9/20

Though fairly well-known in England, the early Humbers like these are rare in Australia and most people are surprised to see such an early car.

We bought it in Adelaide from an old fella who couldn’t work on it any more because of arthritis. All the gears are on the right side just inside the door. We saw it advertised and grabbed it - that might be 10 years ago.

He found it in a chook yard and the fowls were roosting in it. It wasn’t overdone – he did a very good job. It gets driven, so it’s not concours.

We’re not fans of cars that don’t get driven or go everywhere on a trailer – we like to see them used the way they’re supposed to be. All our cars (there are several) go and this one starts straight away.

It’s a very light car powered by a 1056cc four-cylinder and it’s easy to drive. It’s a crash gearbox, so it crunches into first when it’s cold but is fine once it warms up. You just have to be careful to match the engine revs.

It’s an easy car to maintain.

Our collection started with a 1955 MG Magnette which we bought in Bendigo. We went over there to look at a Model T Ford, but it wasn’t what we expected and the little MG really stood out. That was the start of it. They don’t get sold – they’re like pets!

We also have the old 1924 T1 Morris truck, with a 2.8 litre engine and self-starter. It still runs and we’re just the second family to own it! The first really didn’t want to sell but the gentleman who had it had suffered a stroke and relented on the proviso that he had visiting rights!

We’ve been tempted to restore it but the battle scars on the mudguards and repairs with old kerosene crates are part of its history so we’ve left it for the time being.

We’re involved in the Naracoorte Historic Vehicle Club (SA), which has around 120 members and some pretty good rooms in the centre of town. It’s very active with regular runs and several events during the year.

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