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1. HQ Coupe


Is this the best-looking Monaro ever? HQs were produced in awe-inspiring numbers and from some points of view represented a high point in Holden’s history. The Monaro version however came out at a time when coupe sales were struggling, even though overall car sales were high. The real thing, which is relatively rare these days, will cost a fortune, while this just-released 1:18 scale model from Classic Carlectables will cost around $280 at the local hobby shop.


2. Fab Ford


Our resident Ford tragic, young Angelo, reckons this is pretty high on the shopping list for anyone who is into the older Aussie offerings. It’s a bottle-opener in the shape of a key, and Mr A reckons it was first cast to celebrate the 1960 launch of the XK Falcon. As you may recall, this was the first Falcon series in the country, based on its USA stablemate. It was seen as the first Ford to directly take the fight to Holden. We’re told this opener is substantial and fairly heavy thing with good detail on both sides. Price is $26..


3. Rolling shirt


We’ve so far run one very successful Rolling 30 cruise event, in Sydney, though we have organised three!. That’s Covid for you. Anyway, we now have a line of shirts to celebrate the event, which we’re hoping to revive very soon. The design encompasses some legendary coupes, including LX Torana hatchback, Porsche 911 and Toyota AE86. We will soon reveal new dates. In the meantime the cotton shirt looks great and can be found at the Street Machine mag shop for $40.


4. Datsun cooler


We’ve yet to see a Goggomobil esky, but pretty much everything else appears to be covered when it comes to retro coolers. The latest we’ve tripped over is this unit, which has that famous corporate catchcry from the late 1960s and early 1970s: Get that Datsun Difference! We were never quite sure what the ‘difference’ actually was, but plenty of people bought into the proposition. Cost is $145.


5. Cold tray


And now we move on from coolers to cold air trays. The good folk at HDT make a whole range of gear for those of you out there either restoring HDT cars or building replicas. This is as good an example as any. It’s a fibreglass cold air tray, suited for V8 cars from VB through to VK. Oh, and it needs to be used in combination with the HDT bonnet scoop. The seller warns that, given the high demand, you should call 1300 79 84 05 before ordering. Cost is $195.


6. Pacer power


It never fails to amaze us – the sheer variety and obscurity of the parts being made out there. Whoever you are, we salute you, as we have no doubt there is a bunch of restorers out there who are grateful. Right, this item is described as a reproduction of the OEM long-runner manifold for Pacer sixes, using four-barrell carbs. It includes the bakelite spacer to reduce heat-soak to the carburettor and costs $994.


From Unique Cars #459, Nov 2021

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