Rolling 30 cars & coffee on steroids - 2019 gallery 1

By: Zane & Chris Dobie, Unique Cars magazine

EM5F0003 EM5F0003
EM5F0006 EM5F0006
EM5F0010 EM5F0010
EM5F0012 EM5F0012
EM5F0015 EM5F0015
EM5F0020 EM5F0020
EM5F0025 EM5F0025
EM5F0036 EM5F0036
EM5F0040 EM5F0040
EM5F0052 EM5F0052
EM5F0054 EM5F0054
EM5F0055 EM5F0055
EM5F0059 EM5F0059
EM5F0061 EM5F0061
EM5F0090 EM5F0090
EM5F0093 EM5F0093
EM5F0095 EM5F0095
EM5F0106 EM5F0106
EM5F0118 EM5F0118
EM5F0121 EM5F0121
EM5F0126 EM5F0126
EM5F0128 EM5F0128
EM5F0139 EM5F0139
EM5F0142 EM5F0142
EM5F0139 EM5F0139
EM5F0153 EM5F0153
EM5F0165 EM5F0165
EM5F0170 EM5F0170
EM5F0218 EM5F0218
EM5F0221 EM5F0221
EM5F0237 EM5F0237
EM5F0238 EM5F0238
EM5F0186 EM5F0186
EM5F0283 EM5F0283
EM5F0284 EM5F0284
EM5F0287 EM5F0287
EM5F0292 EM5F0292
EM5F0298 EM5F0298
EM5F0307 EM5F0307
EM5F0332 EM5F0332
EM5F0351 EM5F0351
EM5F0356 EM5F0356
EM5F0359 EM5F0359
EM5F0362 EM5F0362
EM5F0364 EM5F0364
EM5F0461 EM5F0461
EM5F0466 EM5F0466
EM5F9335 EM5F9335
EM5F9336 EM5F9336
EM5F9351 EM5F9351
EM5F9355 EM5F9355
EM5F9416 EM5F9416

Did you make it to Rolling 30?

Rolling 30 cars & coffee on steroids - 2019 gallery 1
Chester from Muscle Car Stables dressed up this Phase IV with period dealer stickers.

Our inaugural Rolling 30 event went off beautifully yesterday, at Sydney Motorport Park. A big and varied field of cars rolled up and there were plenty of smiles. Here's the first of many galleries.

Thanks very much to everyone who came and helped to make it a success.

Don't forget to share on your social media pages with the hashtag #rolling30

See the main event page for more

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