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This month's selection of cool car gear


1. Gold Phase II model


Of course we had to include this, didn’t we? Okay, so it’s not a Phase III, but it’s the predecessor – a 1:18 scale XW Phase II. It’s done up in an interpretation of the famous 64E livery of the 1970 Bathurst winner. Sure, the original was painted red and black, but the maker is obviously playing on the whole golden anniversary theme, albeit for 2020. Still available through several hobby stores, priced around $289 



2. Porsche/Martini Racing belt


Just quietly, you probably want to own a Porsche when you decide to wear one of these, or at least aspire to one. Or know someone who has one. Whatever. It’s a smart-looking infinitely-adjustable fibre belt with leather trim, embossed with the Porsche logo on the buckle, and in Martini Racing colours.Priced at $123, you can find it through Porsche.



3. Fiat Abarth sign


This makes an interesting change from the ubiquitous Michelin/Goodyear and ‘Kingswood Parking Only’ signs hanging in the shed. It’s a reproduction of an advertising poster, celebrating the heady achievements of the mighty Fiat Abarth 1000/850 TC series. You didn’t know there was such a thing? Shame on you! It’s a metal sign in A3 size and costs $50 from Echoes of the Past. It’s part of a much bigger range that’s worth exploring.



4. Tool trolley


Fancy a weekend playing in the shed? One thing we’ve discovered over the years is that there are a couple of things which make that a whole lot less frustrating: First, some decent tools and plenty of them; Second, a proper lockable trolley to help organise them and, if necessary, move them around the workshop. Really, the latter can be life-changing. This example from Chicane is a six-drawer 41-inch (1040mm) unit, priced at $699 



5. GT-HO t-shirt


Yep, okay, we do have to cover off at least one Phase III piece of merchandise, given the cover theme for this issue. We’re going for the Vermillion Fire with gold stripe colour scheme, with a front and rear interpretation of the mighty GT-HO. A mob called the Stomp Shop is doing this one, in what’s said to be 180gsm cotton. Price is $50.



6. Shelby trim


As some of you will know, the fun doesn’t stop when you buy yourself a new or late-model Mustang. There is a battalion of people who will sell you gear for it, and by far one of the better players out there is Mustang Motorsport. They can actually build you a licenced Shelby variant, which can be taken up to stratospheric levels of power. And you can of course keeping loading on the goodies, with touches like this range of Shelby shifter knobs. Yours for $181.



From Unique Cars #455, July 2021

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