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Inside this month's Unique Cars gearbox...

1. Charger model


Classic Carlectables has released this eye-catching 1973 Charger, which we reckon would brighten up any room. It’s a 1:18 scale and seems to have some neat details, including the period jellybean wheels. It’s one of those things that you don’t have to be a Chrysler fan to enjoy, it’s just a good looking and uniquely Australian car in a colour calculated to bring a little sunshine to your day. You’ll find it through any good hobby store for around $280.


2. Scorcher 


If ever you want confirmation on whether you should buy a cheap internet-sourced brand of ignition that no-one has ever heard of, or a proper ‘name’ set-up, talk to Mick. He’s our resident mechanic, engineer and car-builder and he’ll soon tell
you that cheap gear is just that – cheap. Proper gear costs and is well worth the rent. Pretty much his default setting is to ring the folk at Performance Ignition Services in Vic, who make and sell the Scorcher brand. They can supply almost
anything with four wheels for around the $500-800 mark.


3. Seventies-style Torana t-shirt


There are things about the seventies many of us would much rather forget. Some of the fashions (flared jeans spring to mind) are pretty high on that list. However what we do miss is the bright garish colours and some of the sheer flamboyance of the cars and clothes of the period. Here’s a good example of the stuff we want to keep: A classic mash-up of the Torana ‘when you’re hot’ campaign with a Brock race car. It’s produced by HDT and costs $35.


4. Bonnet bits


How’s your bonnet hanging? It may sound like a personal question, but these peculiar-looking objects are in fact a set of repro bonnet hinges for a Mazda R100. It turns out they’re from Muscle Car Parts, which also does gear for RX-2, RX-3 and
RX-7. In fact, wander through the online cattledog and you’ll discover they do gear for a host of brands, including local makes. Or what used to be local makes... As for the hinges, they cost $130 a set.


5. Quiz me


This could be the fuel for an utterly irresponsible drinking game, or a lively debate the next time you get a bunch of petrol-heads together. It’s a set of quiz cards which claims to have 500 Holden-related questions in the can. That should be
more than enough to start off as many shouty debates as you can handle. How much? Just $18, which threatens to be a lot of bang for the buck. Big W stocks it.


6. Lego Ghostbusters


Whatever happened to the days when Lego was basically a bunch of plastic bricks in a cardboard box, which then migrated their way across every floor in the house and became a tripping hazard for generations of long-suffering parents? The ‘59
Cadillac you see here is one of a series of epic cars done by the company. Clearly it’s from the Ghost Busters movie series.

An awe-inspiring 2352 pieces are said to be included, so we’re guessing there may even be some instructions. You’re looking at $300.


From Unique Cars #450, March 2021

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