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Inside this month's Unique Cars gearbox...


1. Falcon GT-HO 1:18 scale model


If you got a bit of cash in your Christmas stocking and it is starting to burrow its way out of your wallet, one of these Falcon GT-HO 1:18 scale models might be just the ticket. Superbly detailed inside and out, this white version is a new release with just 500 being made. It’s part of the huge Classic Carlectibles range and is available through hobby shops. At $290 this is easily the cheapest way to owning Phase III GT-HO. Get your mitts on one from



2. Sandblasting cabinet


According to Machinery Warehouse, if you’re in need of doing some small sand or bead blasting, this SB-100 is an excellent little portable entry level sandblasting cabinet to suit many small jobs. It features a full-view acrylic protective screen and internal low voltage worklight to provide a brighter view on what you are about to blast clean. It measures 590 x 500 x 360-300mm (L x W x H). It’s priced at $242.



3. Moff's Bathurst best


So you’re a Ford fan, a motorsport enthusiast, or simply an historian.of the great race. Unless you have been living on another planet you’ll know this tee depicts the famous Falcon formation finish of 1977 at Mount Panorama,when Allan Moffat and team mate Colin Bond gave Ford their finest victory at the mountain. Wear it proudly and loudly, it’s one of Aussie motorsport history’s finest moments. Priced at $40.



4. Duffle bag


For the person you know who has everything. Here is something to put it in. This very cleverly designed duffle bag can be opened up and laid out allowing it to double as a suitpack or even a bloody big picnic hamper if you wish. Packing almost anything will never be easier. Finished in a stylish British Racing Green hue, and lined with silk, it’s a long way from being you’re average carry-all. It’s priced that way, too, at $2096.



5. Your lion mug


The Iron Lion may have packed up and left our shores rather abruptly after operating here for over a century and giving us some very desirable and spectacular cars. They were built to a unique formula for our unique brown land and its unique terrain. Here is your chance to show everyone your lion love with a mug showing the iconic General Motors-Holden’s logo. Appropriately it is in red, priced at $13.



6. Tooled up


For those of us who know what goes on under a bonnet rather than just looking in amazement, here is a beautfully-presented toolkit from Roush, designed to be fitted to the bootlid of your 2015-19 Ford Mustang. It’s one of those details that would finish off a modded pony car (particularly a Roush edition) very nicely and seems to come with a fair range of gear. $860.



From Unique Cars #448, February 2021

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