FPV F6 Typhoon - today's hot six tempter

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ford typhoon FPV F6 Typhoon ford typhoon

Turbo six with V8 punch

Some days it seems that you need to have a V8 in the snout to claim you own a pukka Aussie muscle car, though there are plenty of Chrysler Charger owners who will be happy to challenge that view.

Another group of owners happy to take on that idea is anyone with a Ford powered by a turbocharged version of the mighty Barra six.

Among the ultimate expressions of the idea is the FPV Typhoon series, particularly in F6 form. In cars like the 2008 example shown here, we're talking around 270kW (360hp) - so enough to make this a very lively car.

When they were new, these things cost around $63,000 – a lot of money back then, but still a performance bargain.

For enthusiasts, the premium status and low build numbers mean they're worth a punt as a future collectible. See this Typhoon backgrounder from our archives.

This six-speed manual example claims to be in excellent shape with a little over 105,000km on the odo. Located in Victoria, it's priced at $56,990.


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