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The National Motor Museum in Birdwood, South Australia, last month opened up a special exhibition called Holden Heroes, featuring many vehicles from what was the GMH historic fleet

The core of the show comes from GMH's own Holden Heritage collection. As we reported last month, while some vehicles were sold off the majority have been kept and shared among several museums across the country.

Birdwood's new show boasts 18 cars from the fleet with 12 concept cars. Among them are iconic exercises such as Efijy, the Hurricane and the GTR-X, The latter recently celebrated 50 years.


Two grand-daughters of the late Sir Edward Holden attended the opening of the show: Joan Lyons and Didy McLauren.

According to an ABC report, General Motors Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Marc Ebolo said, "The exhibition is a trip down memory lane for some of the finest production and concept cars Holden has made, all proudly in Australia."



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