Ford Mustang Fastback - today's American Muscle tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

mustang gta 1965 Ford Mustang fastback mustang gta

Early fastback is eye-catching

Is there a better-looking American car than an early fastback Mustang? We think not.

This one caught our eye for obvious reasons: the red paint and the overall tough appearance. It's listed as an A-code GT from 1965, with a 289, four-barrell carb, and four-speed manual.

That's still some way from the top of the Mustang food chain – you'd want the name 'Shelby' atached to be up there – but is still a very desirable car.

Though not necessarily the quickest or greatest handling things of all time, they're competent, pretty well guaranteed to put a grin on your dial and easy to live with when it comes to maintenance. 

Plus, there seems to be a bottomless well of support and parts for these things, thanks to their popularity. 

This example is about to be brought in from the USA, and the NSW-based importer has it listed at $79,000. See it here.

Meanwhile we have a huge list of Mustang stories online: try this search

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