1989 Citroen 2CV Dolly – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Citroen 2CV front side Citroen 2CV front side
Citroen 2CV rear side Citroen 2CV rear side
Citroen 2CV side Citroen 2CV side
Citroen 2CV interior Citroen 2CV interior

What started as a humble French farmhand is now a respected collectible

Not unlike Australia’s own ute, the Citroen 2CV was originally designed to offer simple and versatile transportation to rural French farmers.

The 2CV was debuted in 1948, in the depths of the Great Depression, yet when production ceased in 1990, more than six million cars and commercial offshoots had been produced.

Underpinning the car was a ladder-frame chassis with lightweight steel bodywork atop. Its ingenious interconnected suspension was its engineering centrepiece and the car, as the legend goes, could carry a basket of fresh eggs over a ploughed field without breaking a shell.


This handsome 2CV is a late-production 1989 example, fitted with a Citroen’s 602cc two-cylinder – a welcome step up from the comical 375cc unit they were fitted with upon release.

This particular example comes to market in ‘Dolly’ specification; initially a special edition introduced in March 1985 wearing special two-tone art-deco paint. The Dolly soon became a permanent fixture within the range as successive limited series kept selling out.

This Citroen 2CV comes from a very loving home, with the seller having owner "her" for the past 4.5 years, during which it has been "reliable, charming and utterly joyous".


The 2CV Dolly arrived in Australia as a personal import in 1998 and remains in excellent mechanical condition; accompanied by many receipts and invoices collected over her 135,000kms on the road.

The Dolly is currently wearing non-transferable Victorian club registration, and the seller states that she may require a little work to achieve a roadworthy, including: two new driveshaft boots, steering kingpins, and a replacement of one leaky rear damper (new dampers have been ordered, however).

Dolly received a new clutch in 2017, and has covered less than 1000kms since. The 2CV has also received a galvanised chassis, although the seller is unsure when this was performed.


Cosmetically, the 2CV is presentable, although not in restored concours condition. She has been repainted once prior, but shows a few small spots of surface rust (bonnet and rear tail lamp), and a small graze on the front right wing.

There is more information found in the full listing; but the car looks very presentable, honest and seems to come from a very caring enthusiast owner.

It’s based in Victoria, and is listed for $15,900 (or nearest offer) without RWC, making it a great turn-key entry-level classic with a little room to improve certain areas throughout your ownership.

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