1,200-mile DeLorean DMC-12 for sale on eBay

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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One of 276 built in 1983, after the company had filed for bankruptcy in late 1982

Have you been dreaming of a box-fresh Delorean DMC-12, but can’t wait for DMC to start producing new ones?

Well this 1983 example spotted up for sale on eBay might be the closest thing you can get!


Located in Boalsburg Pennsylvania, in the United States, the Giugiaro-designed steel-skinned coupe boasts a buy-it-now price of US$51,990 (AU$93,110), and has a remarkable odometer reading of just 1,218 miles from new.

It’s also one of 276 vehicles completed in 1983; after they were left partially assembled when production was halted as the company filed for bankruptcy in late-'92.


Despite being produced by an ignominious company, and bearing perhaps a few well-documented flaws; DeLoreans still have their fans and there’s still something cool about them. Owners will be the first to attest that these cars are more about ‘show’ than ‘go’.

Originally intended to be powered by a mid-mounted wankel engine, the DMC-12 - for better, or for worse - ended up with a Peugeot-Renault-Volvo 2.85lt V6, transversely mounted in the rear, as per Colin Chapman’s advice.


Power output was choked by US Emissions standards, and the five-speed manual version (like this one) took a leisurely 9.6 seconds to 96.56km/h.

The seller states that the car is in very good mechanical condition, with new tyres and a recent full fluid change.

It's the lowest mileage example observed on the market for years, and likely one of the lowest in existence; and seems to be priced at reasonable market value; with immaculate examples sold in the US for up to US$60,000.

Check out the eBay listing here.


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