Three Rare Lancia Flaminia Zagatos restored

By: Unique Cars magazine

lancia zagato lancia zagato

UK-based classic car restoration specialist Thornley Kelham has completed a nut-and-bolt restoration of three ultra-rare Lancia Flaminia Zagatos, of which just 526 were built between 1959 and 1967

Over the years Thornley Kelham has restored several rare Lancias including perhaps the most famous of all, the ex-Bracco Aurelia B20GT.

Prior to starting the restoration of the three Flaminia Sport Zagatos, Thornley Kelham commissioned 3D Engineers to scan a Zagato, from which a buck was produced. This enabled the team to make new, or repair existing skins for all future Flaminia Zagatos that may arrive. The svelte aluminium body panels are extremely delicate and complicatedly shaped, making the creation of new panels a real challenge.

One of the three under restoration is a one of 33 Flaminia Sport 3C 2.8 model, produced in 1963. This particular car is arguably unique, being fitted with the covered headlights of the early Series I Flaminias.  There were three generations of Zagato-bodied Flaminias. The earliest cars were single carburettor models with cowled headlamps. This design changed to open headlamps in 1960 due to revised Italian traffic regulations.

The second evolution of the Flaminia, the Sport 3C, is virtually identical to its predecessor but with three carburettors, boosting power from 87 to 102kW. A total of 152 were produced. Two of the cars restored were from this period.


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