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By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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batsaab Go on, we all want a BatSaab, ja? batsaab
batmobile Here's the real thing, when it went to auction in 2013. batmobile

Budget Batmobile with a Swedish accent is up for sale

Here's one for the optimists out there - a Brit-built Batmobile replica, based on a Saab convertible.

You could say it's loosely modelled on the Barris-built Batmobile from the sixties TV series, but you'd have to stand back and squint a little.

George Barris (RIP), the legendary USA-based car customiser, might well have been outraged at the BatSaab, or perhaps he'd have chuckled.

The Barris car was not the first-ever Batmobile built, but it was by far the most famous and popular.

Based on a 1955 Lincoln concept vehicle, it survives today, and sold at auction for a whopping Au$6.6 million way back in 2013. It has since changed hands privately, for an undisclosed sum.

There are other licensed replicas out there, along with numerous unlicensed, and a really good one will set you back several hundred thousand dollars.

Which in a roundabout way makes this gem from the UK look cheap, with bidding currently sitting on around $3000.

The vendor says the machine has a charity commitment in Benidorm, after which it's all yours. And, by the way, only serious bidders may apply - so no Swedish Batman jokes, okay?

You can see it in all its glory on Ebay UK.

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