1957 Chevrolet 210 - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Fin styling is a classic evergreen.

1957 Chevrolet 210 - today's tempter
1957 Chevrolet 210

If you wanted a relatively safe bet when it comes to picking a classic American cruiser, you'd be hard put to walk past a finned Chevrolet.

The Harley Early-inspired fins are high-50s fashion and the fact this car is a two-door makes it a bit special.

In its day, the 210 series was in fact a mid-priced offering for the budget conscious buyer. Something you'd opt for without spending an absolute fortune on something like GM's Cadillac range.

If you wanted more serious collector cache, you'd opt for the closely related but more upmarket Bel Air Chevs, but there's a significant price penalty as well.

This series of cars ran sixes for years, but were upgraded to V8s over time.

Presentation on this car looks promising and we notice its running some worthy upgrades, such as a disc brake front end.

It's powered by a 350 small block V8 with a turbo 350 auto and the owner is offering a roadworthy certificate.

Priced at $49,500, it's located in Qld.

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