The only existing Lamborghini Miura SVR receives in-house restoration

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Lamborghini Miura SVR LEAD Lamborghini Miura SVR LEAD
Lamborghini Miura SVR front quarter Lamborghini Miura SVR front quarter
Lamborghini Miura SVR rear quarter Lamborghini Miura SVR rear quarter
Lamborghini Miura SVR interior Lamborghini Miura SVR interior

The rarest Miura in existence receives full restoration by Lamborghini’s Polo Storico department

What is sure to be up there as a car-nut’s absolute fantasy: a one-of-one Lamborghini Miura SVR went through Lamborghini’s in-house Polo Storico restoration program, and 19 months later, the lucky owner took delivery.

Delivery however wasn’t from an enclosed transporter straight into some vault-like storage garage; the car was delivered straight to the Nakayama racing circuit in Japan.

Lamborghini -Miura -SVR-front -quarter

The Lamborghini Miura even in "standard" specification is an extremely desired and rare car, with only 763 produced between 1966 and 1972. The original supercar and, some would argue, one of the most beautiful cars ever made!


This car is claimed to be the race car evolution of famed Lamborghini test driver Bob Wallace’s Lamborghini Jota – which was later destroyed in an accident.

Lamborghini -Miura -SVR-JOTA

Lamborghini did later produce a few Miura SVs, and even more rare SVJs. But there has only ever been one SVR.

Originally born as a Miura S, the car was delivered to the Lamborauto dealership in Turin Italy, on November 30 1968 – after being displayed at the 50th Turin Motor Show.

Eight years later in 1974, and now with its ninth owner, the Miura was sent back to Lamborghini in Sant’Agata, and was transformed into, to this day, the only Miura SVR in existence.

Lamborghini -Miura -SVR-rear -quarter

Following an 18 month transformation by Lamborghini, in 1976 the car was sold to an owner in Japan – eventually inspiring the comic book series "Circuit Wolf" and was immortalised by model maker Kyosho into a 1:18 scale model that remains an extremely collectible and sought-after bit of the model car community.

Lamborghini Head of After Sales and Director of Polo Storico Paolo Gabrielli stated that the "full restoration took 19 months and required a different approach from what [they’re] used to".

While most cars that would go through Lamborghini’s restoration program would be returned to factory specs, in the SVR’s case "the original production sheet wasn’t of much help". Due to the SVR modifications in 1974, the car had little of its original specification left in it.

Lamborghini -Miura -SVR-interior

Posing an even greater challenge to Lamborghini’s in-house restoration department was the fact that the car arrived in pieces. While all of the parts were there, the car meticulously returned to its former glory.

Gabrielli also pointed out that the only variations from the original SVR’s creation were the addition of four-point safety harness, more supportive seats as well as a removeable bolt-in roll cage – as per the owner’s stipulation.

All signs pointing to the hope that this rare one-off racer won’t be locked away, but will continue to live a life out on the racetrack it deserves!


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