Peter Champion’s historic ‘Brock Experience’ collection sold to one anonymous buyer

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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The largest collection of Peter Brock race cars has been sold… except for one.

The Peter Champion ‘Brock Experience’ collection, of nearly 30 cars, has been sold as a set to one anonymous buyer.

Originally up for sale in 2012, the "Brock Experience" was opened in Yeppoon in 2007 and ran for five years before closing its doors in 2013.

Brock -experience -Torries

In 2015, the cars were relocated to Dreamworld, Gold Coast.

Champion admits that over the years, he had received many offers for individual cars, but maintained that the collection was only available as a complete set.


Amongst the collection are some of Brock’s most iconic cars, from the 1984 VK ‘Big Banger’, ‘the Beast’ V8 HDT Torana, as well as various other touring cars and supercars.

Brock -experience -Daytona

The only car not a part of the sale, was the Daytona coupe that Brock was tragically killed in.

The Daytona will remain in Champion’s personal possession, and shall join his extensive collection of Brock memorabilia and Brock road cars.

The full list of cars in the sale includes:

  • 1969 Monaro GTS 350
  • 1971 HDT Torana XU2
  • 1972 HDT Torana GTR XUI 28C
  • 1973 Targa Torana GTR XU1
  • 1973 HDT Torana GTR XU1
  • 1973 ‘The Beast’ HDT Torana
  • 1974 HDT L34 Torana
  • 1978-79 HDT A9X Torana
  • 1981 HDY VC Commodore
  • 1982 VH HDT Commodore
  • 1983 VH HDT Commodore
  • 1984 VK V8 ‘The Big Banger’
  • 1985 HDT VK Commodore
  • 1986 HDT VK Commodore
  • 1987 HDT VL Commodore
  • 1989 Ford Sierra
  • 1992 VP Commodore
  • 1994 VR Rally Commodore
  • 1995 HRT VR Commodore
  • 1997 HRT VS Commodore
  • 2001 Targa VU Ute
  • 2002 VX Commodore
  • 2002 VX V8 Supercar
  • 2002 Targa Monaro Red
  • 2004 Targa Monaro Black
  • Austin A7
  • Austion A30
  • Chevy Monza Sports Sedan


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