1972 XA Ford Fairmont – Today’s Aussie Luxo Tempter

By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

1972 XA Ford Fairmont 1972 XA Ford Fairmont

Two-doors and a 302, sound good to us!

The XA Ford Falcon is the first iteration of the third generation of one of Australia’s most iconic automotive monikers.

Released in March of 1972, the XA replaced the outgoing XY Falcon, and stayed in production until September 1973.

The XA was the first the first Falcon to be designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.

Body styles that customers could have their XA in comprised a four-door sedan, five-door wagon, two-door hardtop, two-door ute and a two-door panel van.

Power came from a range of donks that included a 3.3lt and 4.1lt inline six-cylinder and a 4.9lt and 5.8lt V8.

The shove from these donks was sent to the XAs rear wheels via either a three or four-speed manual or a three-speed automatic transmission.

The XA was available in a number of different models that included the base Falcon, Falcon 500, Fairmont and GT.

This particular XA is a two-door hardtop Fairmont with the 4.9lt V8 and four-speed manual transmission.

According to the seller, the vehicle was originally equipped with the three-speed automatic transmission but it was changed to the four-speed manual when the vehicle underwent a restoration.

The XA Fairmont is $38,000 and anyone interested in this classic Aussie hardtop can view the full listing here.  

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