1976 Triumph Stag - Today's OTT Tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Big dollars spent

1976 Triumph Stag - Today's OTT Tempter
This Triumph Stag has had a huge amount of work done on it.

Triumph's Stag two-seater GT car is one of those designs that seems to have aged well.

Built 1970-77, it was a moderately successful model, with just under 29,000 built.

The body started life as a 2000, designed by Giovanni Michelotti, who did the change over from the sedan to the coupe. The giant T-bar always looked like an afterthought and was necessitated by what was then recently-introduced roll-over standards for the USA.

You had the option of soft and hard covers, with the latter offering far better protection in the rain.

Powering the car was Triumph's own 3.0lt V8, which doesn't have the greatest reputation for reliability. However there is a wealth of knowledge out there on them and people have over time worked out how to make them trustworthy.

You had a choice between auto transmission (the most common option here) and manual.

This manual example has had a small fortune spent on restoring and mofidiying the car and you have to like the owner's thinking.

There is an extensive list of upgrades aimed at better performance, comfort and relibility, with cost clearly being no object. It's claimed some $100k has been spent on it.

So while $45k is up there for a Stag, this Vic car could well turn out to be value.

We did a buyer guide on Stags a few years ago and you can find it here.


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