XA Falcon 500 1972 - today's time-warp tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Just pulled out of a shed after 27 years

XA Falcon 500 1972 - today's time-warp tempter
Base model Falcon with 302 V8 looks to be a very original car.

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Back in 1972 this V8 XA might have been something a family with a caravan wanted, or possibly a fleet car.

It's the base-model 500 with three-on-the-tree manual, but it's been specced up with a 302 (4.9lt) V8.

With 87.000 miles (140,000km) on the clock, it's said to have been pulled out of a shed after being put in storage in 1990. That's good and bad - the car may have been preserved, but you'd be wise to take some care recommissioning it.

The photos suggest it's in remarkably original condition, apart from a little surface rust, and this would be an interesting one to check out in the flesh.

XAs were built 1972-73 in numerous body styles, including sedan, utility, station wagon, two-door hardtop and van. Two sixes and two V8s were offered, with two optional power outputs for the bigger version of each configuration. Transmissions were three or four-speed manual and a three-speed auto.

There's no doubt local car prices are on the climb and the $25,000 being asked for this NSW car is an interesting test of the market.


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