Half mil for Falcon at Lloyds

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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gtho phase 3 Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III gtho phase 3
gtho phase 1 Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase I gtho phase 1
rpo 83 Ford Falcon RPO83 rpo 83
e38 RT Chrysler Charger E38 R/T e38 RT
308 monaro 1970 Holden Monaro 308 308 monaro
lloyds mustang 1965 Ford Mustang convertible lloyds mustang
lloyds torana Holden Torana SS hatchback lloyds torana
lloyds wb ute Holden WB utility lloyds wb ute
lloyds wb van Holden WB panel van lloyds wb van
lloyds xb sedan Ford XB Falcon lloyds xb sedan

Aussie hero cars score big at auction

Yesterday's Lloyds auction at the Shepparton Motor Museum confirmed that Aussie muscle car values are still firming up.

Top price for the day went to a Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III, at $500,000. Though not the top price ever paid for this model, it's the highest figure we've seen in a public auction since the previous pre-GFC peaks ten years ago.

The previous post-GFC public record was $480,000 for a similar car at a Shannons auction a year ago.

Proving that it's the detail that counts, a Phase I GT-HO in slightly better condition than its stable mate sold for $201,000.

That price was almost matched by a very tidy E38 R/T Charger at $200,000.

For Holden fans the highlight was the exceptional 1970 Monaro with a 308 V8 and four-speed manual that went for $200,000.

American cars were also on the radar, with a 1968 Shelby Mustang fetching $170,000, a 1969 Ford Torino Talledega got a top bid of $70,000, and a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air street machine with a big block 502 in the nose got a top bid of $83,000.

As for the cars we highlighted before the auction, a Falcon RPO83 fetched a top bid of $150,000 and was under negotiation;

A shed-find XB Falcon six abandoned in 1987 and in need of a fair bit of work scored $7100;

The Torana SS hatch done up as an A9X replica scored a very solid $70,000;

A tidy 1965 Mustang soft-top with a 289 went for $50,000;

The WB panel van with Statesman nose cone went for $28,000;

And the WB utuility from the movie Spin Out fetched $14,500.





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