Ford Falcon Phase 5 1981 - today's quick tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Aussie rarity at a not-so-silly price

Ford Falcon Phase 5 1981 - today's quick tempter
Ford Falcon Phase 5 is a rarity.

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Like us, you're probably getting a feeling of helplessness watching the prices of premium Aussie muscle cars skyrocket.

With recent sales of Falcon GT-HO Phase 3s and early GTS Monaros heading into several hundred thousand, they're now the stuff of distant dreams for  most people.

This car however is more rare and, while it doesn't have the Ford Factory imprimatur, it nevertheless has race connections.

Designed by former Ford staffer Wayne Draper, this car series was actually developed with the quiet assistance of the factory, including wind tunnel time. Very few were made - low 20s - and the project eventually was stymied by Ford's owne policies and a run of bad fortune for its creators.

You can read a more comprehensive history of the car and its creators at this link (it's a PDF).

This is a 351 auto, located in WA, and the owner says it comes with log books and other documentation, along with the original numberplates. And the price? Asking $59,000, which is a long way south of any Phase I, II or II variant.


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