Volkswagen Type 3 fastback - today's resto tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Old skool fastback Volkswagen presents a challenge

Volkswagen Type 3 fastback - today's resto tempter
Needs work, but this Volkswagen type 3 could be a fascinating project.

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We reckon this is one of those projects where you have to keep the goal firmly in mind. There's a lot to do before this thing is a runner again, though with a bit of imagination you could have a stunner of a car.

Type 3 fastbacks have never been terribly common in this country, though the mechanicals - largely the same as the Beetle of the period - are simple and easily upgraded. Would-be restorers should be aware this is the low profile or 'pancake' version of the engine, which needs to be kept in mind when replacing ancillaries.

Internationally, Type 3s were hardly rare. There were three body styles: A notchback coupe, the fastback coupe and a two-door estate or squareback. The cars also have a genetic link to Karmann Ghias. Some 2.5 million were built internationally from 1961 through to 1973.

They were also manufactured and assembled in Australia. For a while there was even a local panel van version based on the squareback. However we're told fastbacks weren't done locally and were only imported. This might have kept the prices up and would help to explain their rarity here.

This example is from 1971 and has an auto transmission.

It clearly needs a lot of work. That said, we've seen worse pulled back from the brink of extinction.

It's based in NSW and is priced at $3200. Let us know if you take it on as a resto, via We'd be interested in doing a story on it.

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