FB Holden Special 1960 - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Cheery fin model runs a red motor

FB Holden Special 1960 - today's tempter
Bright pink FB will be easy to spot in a carpark.

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The glaring pink and white colour scheme on this FB Holden will mean you should have no trouble finding it in the carpark.

Though not strictly an original colour (it's not far off), it's kind of in keeping with the period when Holden toyed with fins on its cars - though with nothing like the flamboyance of our American cousins. This was a year after the fin fad had reached its peak in the USA.

Produced 1960-61, this replaced the FC, claiming to be bigger and faster than its predecessor. There was some basis to those claims, though the differences in reality weren't all that great.

More significant were the upgrades to the brakes (still drums) and front suspension, which improved its road manners.

This was also Holden's first export model and was made in left-hand-drive.

You could get a sedan, wagon, utility and panel van.

All were powered by the straight six grey motor (2.3lt) and there was a choice of three-speed manual or auto.

This NSW example is said to be running a reconditioned next-gen red motor (3.3lt), and comes with the grey as a spare. It's priced at $25,000.


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