Chrysler Regal 1972 - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Land yacht Valiant VH should be a solid buy

Chrysler Regal 1972 - today's tempter
Big Aussie Valiant cruiser should be easy to live with.

We have to admit to having a big soft spot for these land yacht Chryslers. Their sheer size gives them enormous appeal, while the solid mechainicals underneath mean they're as tough as the proverbial old boots.

Chrysler was building this VH series 1971-73 in something like 19 variants across sedan, hardtop, Charger coupe, wagon and utility bodies. It was the first Valiant to have a uniquely local shell and the Regal was an upmarket model.

Three straight sixes and two V8s were offered locally (plus another six for the South African market) along with a three or four-speed manual or three-speed auto transmissions.

This example is running a 245ci (4.0lt) hemi six with auto and the owner says it has an older exterior resto which presents well. The odo is showing a mere 73,000 miles. Located in Vic, it's priced at $16,500.

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