Plymouth Fury 1965 - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique cars magazine

Big sixties two-door for under $25k

Plymouth Fury 1965 - today's tempter
Big hardtop has a classic sixties look.

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What is it about sixties car styling that's lasted so well? Possibly the clean lines and big glass areas - there's nothing else quite like it.

The big cream monster we have here is located in SA and is a 1965 Plymouth Fury II hardtop. It has a 318ci (5.2lt) V8 in the snout and an auto transmission.

The Fury II designation means it isn't a base model, but has been specced up a little, with additional trim and creature comforts such as power steering.

It was a competitor for the Ford Galaxie and sat on the 119-inch (3000mm) wheelbase platform.

As is usual for American cars of the era, there was a dizzying array of engines on offer with this series, which was the fourth generation (1965-68). It started with a 225 slant six and went all the way up to a 440 V8. Three or four-speed manuals could be ordered, or a three-speed auto.

The seller says this is a well-preserved car with good paint and the factory books. It's priced at $22,990.

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