Holden LH Torana V8 - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

253 V8 with 4-speed manual

Holden LH Torana V8 - today's tempter
The owner says this Torana is an original low-miler.

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Toranas seem to be flavour of the month at the moment, with prices strong and on the rise and clubs reporting plenty of activity.

The LH series was the first of the third-generation cars, built from 1974 to 1976. There was a dizzying array of powerplants fitted to them, particularly when you took into account export models.

Locally there was a 1.9lt four, 173ci (2.8lt) six, the ubiquitous 202ci (3.3lt) six, a 253ci (4.2lt) V8 and a 308ci (5.0lt) eight. There was also a competition homologation version of the 308, fitted to the limited-run L34, which ran higher compression and stronger internals.

Transmissions included three and four-speed manuals plus the Trimatic auto.

By this stage the Torana had grown into a much bigger car than the original, which was based on a Vauxhall Viva. This car was a mid-sized sedan, with a surprising amount of interior space.

The example shown here is running a desirable mechanical package: the 253 V8 with a four-speed manual. Located in Victoria, it claims to have just over 60,000km on the clock and to be in original condition. It's priced at $36,750.


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