Rover P5 – today’s budget tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Potentially a lot of car for the money.

Rover P5 – today’s budget tempter
Big luxo Brit seems like a lot of car for the money.

Rover’s P5 luxury car had an extraordinary run, built over four model generations from 1958 all the way through to 1973. Its appearance changed little over that time, and picking a MkI from the final P5B on external looks alone can take a keen eye.

There were two body variants – a saloon and coupe, both of which had four doors.

The MkI, II and III all shared an unusual inlet over exhaust inline six 3.0lt powerplant, while the final P5B used the company’s now legendary 3.5lt aluminium V8. Autos were the preferred transmission, though a manual option was available.

These are big luxurious cars – big enough to carry four six-footers in comfort - much favoured by the former Queen Mother in the UK, who is said to have ordered two when she heard manufacture was about to cease.

The people who bought them tended to be professionals and middle managers – they were a step down from a Rolls-Royce but were nevertheless an indulgence.

No year is mentioned for the car we have here, though but it appears to be a MkII, which places it as 1962-65.

That means it claimed a substantial 129hp for the engine and, in this case, is running an auto.

The Qld-based owner says the car is original and has clocked up 96,000 miles. A roadworthy is being offered and it’s priced at $5500.

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