It's a Subaru, it's a Beetle. No, it's a Subawagen

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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subawagen2 Doesn't look bad from the front... subawagen2
subawagen3 Quite cute from the rear... subawagen3
subawagen1 But from the side...errk! subawagen1
subawagen4 Nope, no better this way, either. subawagen4

Bright ideas and too much idle time are a dangerous mix.

It's a Subaru, it's a Beetle. No, it's a Subawagen
Subaru-Volkswagen with styling by Frankenstein.

You've heard of hybrid cars, but this takes the whole idea to a new level. This two-engined all-wheel-drive monster popped up recently on Craigslist in the USA and we can only assume it was someone's twisted idea of a practical joke.

We can see how it all happened: it's late, they've all been drinking - heavily. Suddenly someone says, "Hey, you know those two old clunkers you've got outside, I bet you could cut and shut them into one. Instant four-wheel-drive! Waddya reckon?"

Another couple of drinks, someone picks up the angle grinder and, well, you can see how it went from there...

The car is a combo of a 1985 Subaru GL and a 1974 Beetle, a creation which has effectively shattered the value of both. Apparently it all works and it's being offered for US$7000.

Let us know if you buy it - we just have to have a drive!


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