Porsche 928 + Ford Falcon XE + Nissan R32 GT-R - Ones That Got Away 444

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Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

1981 Porsche 928 - Advertised March 2014

Front-engine Porsches were the poor cousin in the range for a long time, even if the first-gen V8s were engaging and quick cars to drive. We’ve seen the prices recover to levels that are closer to what you might expect, without being nuts. Around 30-ish will get you an auto at the moment, while mid-thirties will score a manual. The latter is the probably the smarter choice if you’re looking at long-term value. Generally they’re reasonably robust, but check them out carefully as extensive repairs will cost dearly.

Then: $11,000. Now: $30,000


1982 XE Falcon Grand Prix Turbo - Advertised December 2006


While race legend Dick Johnson had built his reputation on Ford V8s, he found himself in the odd situation of adding his name to this turbocharged 4.1lt six. It was actually pretty quick for the time, and certainly able to give rival bent eights a hurry-up. Despite the famous name and the low build numbers, the market hasn’t been kind to them, and we suspect it would struggle to match an ESP on value. One issue when valuing these things is there is very little sales history to go on.

Then: $26,990. Now: $50,000


1994 Nissan R32 GT-R - Advertised March 2010


This is one of those situations where if you got in maybe three years ago, and bought at the right price, you’ve probably done very well for yourself. If you were lucky, you may have even gone close to doubling your money. Tbe R32 is one of those cars that has everything going for it: style, lots of performance, relativcly low production numbers and an awe-inspiring race history. Prices vary enormously, depending on the quality of the car and who is selling it. At the moment we’re seeing everything from $60k to double that.

Then: $22,500. Now: $60,000+


Reader's One That Got Away

VL commodore SL turbo BT-1


I can’t believe my eyes, I have seen two "original spec" absynth yellow Ex-Victoria Police cars advertised over $100K and this is during these uncertain times! I still have multiple clippings from this very magazine for cars priced between $10-15K and have seen them advertised as high as $50K, did I miss something? Did I leave my dream car purchase too late?

Jack Murphy - Hamilton, Vic


From Unique Cars #444, Sep 2020

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