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1998 Subaru Impreza 22B STi - December 2007

We hope whoever advertised this car back in 2007 doesn’t see this, as they would have every right to burst into tears.

Always in strong demand, the 22B has seen its value rocket in recent years. The prices however are somewhat twisted by the odd auction of low or zero mile investment cars. It’s actually dicfficult to tell what a used one might be worth, but we reckon it would still be a whole lot more than the then substantial $87k being asked 13 years ago.

Then: $86,500. Now: $300k+


1979 Ford Escort RS2000 - February 2010


Back when this was advertised, it was a hot little car with some growing collector interest. Since then, the whole local performance Escort scene has grown and a nice example will get pretty solid money. Funnily enough, while the owner saw the Dragway mags as being a selling point, now you’d be tearing them off and looking for something either original or more in keeping with the car. Oh, and the custom interior? That would be gone too. Funnily enough the Aussie four-door versions are in big demand in the UK.

Then: $10,000. Now: $35,000


1989 Nissan Skyline SVD GTS 2 - January 2008


Given these were a locally-produced car, with one of the toughest sixes you could hope for, it’s not surprising that they’re getting attention on the classic scene. This is the second gen, which is more closely based on the GXE, while its predecessor the GTS 1 was based on the Silhouette. Both were Melbourne-made in pretty small numbers. We’re told there were just 200 of this version. The fact it’s a manual is a big point in its favour. Rust is a killer on these, while getting original trim, including wheels is an issue, and prices will vary widely.

Then: $14,500. Now: $20,000-30,000


1962 Holden EK wagon - Advertised February 2010


Gotta love it: 3500 or near offer, drive away. That’s a lot of car for the money, even a decade ago.Rust is obviously the big deal-breaker for these things – and they’re good at breeding it – but the fact is that clean Aussie wagons from the sixties and seventies are back, baby. Just to give you an idea, we saw a very nicely-restored FB wagon get $58,000 at auction recently, through Shannons. As for an EK in decent shape, you’d have to think it would rustle up at least half that, wouldn’t you? Top up the oil, load up the boards and off to the beach for the day. Perfect.

Then: $3500. Now: $30,000+


From Unique Cars #444, Sep 2020 

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