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1974 Alfa Romeo Montreal - April 2009

Okay, so $55k was a substantial amount of money back in 2009, but you have to say whoever bought this car, even at full whack, has done alright over the years. For whatever reason, Montreals seem to have found an audience that’s much wider than the usual Alfa crew and the prices have stacked up accordingly. Originally a motor show concept car, first shown in Montreal in 1967, it didn’t reappear in production form until 1970. Marcello Gandini of Bertone took credit for the lines, and we have to say they’ve lasted well.


2001 Ford TE50 AU II - February 2014


Look elsewhere in issue #443 of Unique Cars and you’ll see a bit of a wrap-up on the Tickford TE/TS series from T1 through to T3. This interim T2 series was for a long time hopelessly undervalued, but people have started to realise that they’re an interesting and capable locally-made low-volume car. And they’re V8 – so a lot of boxes ticked right there. The optional brakes were a big ticket item on these things and the manual trans is a bonus.


1994 HSV VR Senator - November 2012


Okay, so a chrome bumper Aussie muscle car is well out of reach for many, perhaps most of us. However an enhanced V8 that will actually be quicker in many situations and handle far better and not cost a bomb to own is very much achievable. Early HSVs are starting to get a bit of attention, but there’s still a lot of bang for the buck to be had. We reckon a good driver that you could gradually tidy up would be a fun project.

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Reader's One That Got Away:



Approximately five years ago I was off on a walk and stumbled on a tidy Anglia resting out front of someone’s garage in metropolitan Melbourne. It appeared complete wearing original green paint and desperately needed a new home considering the neglected state of the Holden Statesman near it. I never had the guts to approach the household and it was still there a few years back. I wish it was parked in my garage today.

Timothy jennings - Mount Macedon, VIC


From Unique Cars #443, Aug 2020

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