What do you reckon? The home page

By: Glenn Torrens, Unique Cars magazine

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Glenn Torrens, aka GT, is always up to something. Find out what, right here...

What do you reckon? The home page
GT with one of his racing Beetles.

Some times salt-flat racer, sometimes hill-climber and usually found in the shed up to his elbows in tools and car bits - that's our Glenn Torrens. He's been working, playing with and writing about cars for decades and here he cuts loose with the odd question. Enjoy...

#8 - Political correctness 402

#7 - Car Parts Hunter 401

#6 - Bonnet not Hood 400

#5 - Classic Revival

#4 Chasing bits is the most fun

#3 Does racing deserve a subsidy?

#2 Should it be on classic plates?

#1 What makes a sports or classic car?

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