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By: Glenn Torrens, Unique Cars magazine

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Glenn Torrens, aka GT, is always up to something. Find out what, right here...

What do you reckon? The home page
GT with one of his racing Beetles.

Some times salt-flat racer, sometimes hill-climber and usually found in the shed up to his elbows in tools and car bits - that's our Glenn Torrens. He's been working, playing with and writing about cars for decades and here he cuts loose with the odd question. Enjoy...


Comedy car chase - 427
A simple mistake sparks chaos for our favourite bush mechanic Glenn Torrens

Trims, cards, panels - 426
Despite working with words, Glenn Torrens makes a loss with the lingo

Million-mile cars 425
Glenn Torrens gives a respectful nod to the bloke who drove his car further than anyone in history

When the donor car becomes the next project 424
Never afraid of hard work, Glenn Torrens once again discovers that it doesn't always pay off

Car anniversaries - 423
More car anniversaries that you can poke a stick a

'Special Production' build plates 422
Glenn Torrens discovers yet another tall story about a 'factory' special

Horror fortnight - 421
Anything that could go wrong did go wrong for GT and all in a fortnight

Aftermarket parts dramas 420
Glenn Torrens once again learns that crap parts can cause plenty of drama

The thrill of the chase for car parts 419
Advertising slogans such as 'Down Down, Prices Are Down' have a lot to answer for, reckons Glenn Torrens

Scoundrel scroungers and hard to get car parts 418
Advertising slogans such as 'Down Down, Prices Are Down' have a lot to answer for, reckons Glenn Torrens

#21 Historic-plated cars 416
It's ironic, but without a bit more officialdom, the freedoms we enjoy with historic-plated cars could be doomed, reckons Glenn Torrens

#20 Sold pending inspection 415
Nothing is sold until the money changes hands and the bits are in your boot, reckons Glenn Torrens

#19 Bucks-down restoration 414
Glenn Torrens worries about hard-earned to get a resto going

#18 Bargain hunt 413
Sometimes you just gotta say 'go for it!' reckons GT

#17 Keyboard wars 412
Glenn Torrens wonders if the internet is making us all dumber

#16 Sound check 411
GT reckons car shows are for loud exhausts, not loud and dodgy music

#15 Time wasters 410
Glenn Torrens gets pulled into line by a hero on the internet...or does he?

#14 Insurance write-offs 409
Write-off? GT wonders at the willingness and wisdom of insurance companies

#13 Chrome vs plastic bumpers 408
GT once again discovers some old-school car owners are capable of proper old-fool grumpiness

#12 Selling a car to someone you know 407
GT ponders the wisdom of selling a car to someone you know

#11 Holden Berlina bargain 406
Once again, Glenn discovers the highs and lows of cars and cash

#10 - Drive it, or store it 405
Glenn Torrens is torn between enjoying his classics now and preserving them for the future

#9 - Taking a gamble 404
Glenn Torrens loses a game of heads or 'tales'

#8 - Political correctness 402
Glenn Torrens won't let PC get in the way of a good yarn

#7 - Car Parts Hunter 401
Glenn Torrens discovers simplicity and efficiency can sometimes be a long way from each other

#6 - Bonnet not Hood 400
Using the right words is just as important in car culture as it is elsewhere in life, GT reckons

#5 Chasing bits is the most fun - 399
Glenn Torrens reckons chasing parts is as much – or more - fun that driving the car

#4 - Classic Revival - 398
GT Reckons the NSW historic registration scheme is a priceless lifeline for the less-celebrated old stagers

#3 Should it be on classic plates? - 397
Young GT gets into a debate over whether his old Sigma is entitled to be on club plates

#2 What makes a sports or classic car? - 396
GT argues that it's not the shape that makes a sports car, it's how it goes down the road

#1 Does racing deserve a subsidy?
Torrens ponders the costs and benefits of going for a fang



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