Video: GT-HO Phase III Off The Clock part 5

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This is what it's all about! John Bowe takes the mighty GT-HO for a modern-day rendition of that iconic 'Off The Clock' photo...

Video: GT-HO Phase III Off The Clock part 5
Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III 'off the clock'



On the 9th of August, 1971, former WHEELS staffer Mel Nichols and photographer Uwe Kuessner produced arguably the most famous image in Australian motoring.

Forty-three years later, John Bowe emulates that iconic photo with a GT-HO speedo off the clock and tells how it felt to drive the mighty Phase III past the 140 mph mark - and then some... 

With the support of the Northern Territory government including a closed section of the Stuart Highway, helicopter, police, ambulance and fire crew, John Bowe reprises the classic photo and says, "The GT-HO is hard work to drive. You're chasing it all over the road...I wouldn't like to be doing it like Mel Nichols did it..."


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