Video: Rob Herrod from Herrod Motorsport

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Herrod Motorsport is the trusted name in modifying Fords in Australia and prepared the GT F for our Off The Clock! feature. Here, Rob Herrod takes us into the workshop and talks about the company...

Video: Rob Herrod from Herrod Motorsport
Rob Herrod from Herrod Motorsport


Herrod Motorsport

Herrod Motorsport has been hotting up Fords for the past 15 years and also provided the mechanical and software support for our 'Off The Clock!' FPV GT F.

Here, Rob Herrod takes us inside his workshop and speaks about the business and why they're the trusted name in Ford performance and enhancements.

"We got involved with an American company by the name of SCT, who, without a doubt, have the world's best tuning software to tune Ford vehicles with. So I saw a really good opportunity to bring in tuning software to flash tune in Australia to Ford computers," he said.

Using the FPV GT F as an example, Rob says, "It's got a very, very good calibration from the factory and without changing fuel injectors, just do a tune, we can gain 50-plus kilowatts at the back wheels."

Being an official distributor for Ford Racing Parts and with the new Ford range coming through including the 2015 Mustang, Rob says, "We've got the tuning software, we've got the's a pretty good fit." 


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