Video: Off The Clock part 6 - FPV GT F Target 300

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With its 255km/h speed limiter removed, it's time for John Bowe to take the FPV GT F for a run, flat out. Target: 300km/h

Video: Off The Clock part 6 - FPV GT F Target 300


Off The Clock - part 6


Australian motorsport legend and current Touring Car Masters champion John Bowe has spent decades piloting fast Fords and few drivers are more competitive. Who better to take the reins of the FPV GT F to see what it could do.

With the speed limiter removed and heavy-duty tailshaft fitted courtesy of Herrod Motorsport, JB climbs in the GT F aiming for 300 clicks. "The way this all came together was to see how fast it was, basically. It makes 260 in a heartbeat, it gets to 280 quite quickly as well," he says.

But even an unlimited section of the Stuart Highway is still a fairly coarsely-surfaced road. Pothole-free, but far from flat. JB says, "It's a road car on a road, not a racetrack and it's not a race car...we're not saying anyone should do it, EVER. But it was fun!"


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