VIDEO: Rothmans XA Falcon story - Rarer than a Phase IV!

By: Unique Cars Magazine

Meet the owner of this rare one-of-three 70s promo cars

Meet Sal, the owner of the stunning Rothmans Blue promo car you see before you.

His ownership story reads like a fantasy we’d all love to carry out, if we happened to stumble across a time machine.

Sal is a Ford-lifer who first fell in love with the XA after his dad had a 351 GS. Back in 1992, Sal was just 19 and set out looking for his own XA; ideally a Wild Violet/white trim GT (remember this was well before the prices went bonkers).


After scouring the country to no avail for his dream colour combo, he chanced across this one-owner Rothmans Blue example just a few streets away after throttling back on the search for two years.

Sal went to inspect the car, which happened to be sitting at a panel shop. As it turns out, the original owner drove it for a while, but then left it under a cover for 14 years.


As much of a waste as it is, it meant Sal had found himself a highly original and well-kept XA GT of his dreams, made even more special being one-of-three Rothmans Blue (paint code: Y113) XA promo cars.

Rothmans commissioned two sedans and one hardtop: the other sedan is also believed to be housed in Melbourne, while the sole hardtop has long since ceased to exist.


In 1994, Sal and his Ford-crazed dad Leo, began a year-and-a-half long tear down and followed through with a light restoration.

The 27-year old paint is original and in scarcely-believable condition, and these days the car lives its life as a semi-retired weekend toy.

"Getting the car was a big decision when I was 19, but I’ve stuck with it. I’m 47 now" says Sal.


"My son Luke enjoys it now – he’s the one that makes me take it out".

"Naturally he thinks it’s his car, so I can’t get rid of it!"

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