Star Quality - our top 3 Ford Galaxie stories

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Big, boofy, sometimes fast and a bit more sophisticated than people give them credit for - that's Galaxies.

Star Quality - our top 3 Ford Galaxie stories
This 1963 R-code was a Nascar homologation special.

We've done a host of stories on Galaxies over the years in Unique Cars magazine. Some of them are about the hero cars, others about cars you owned or that we owned. Sometimes it's value guides and we've unwrapped their local history.

Here are the editorial team's top three picks. Enjoy!

1. 1964 Holman Moodie Racer

On a bitter mid-winter’s day at windswept Calder Park, a tender scene between man and machine is being played out. Denis O’Brien is on his knees at the open driver’s door of his mighty Holman Moody Galaxie, patiently warming up its 7.0-litre ‘427’ V8 by gently resting his hand on the throttle pedal. Occasionally he glances up at the trio of gauges atop the vast red dash and checks the engine’s vitals, then drifts off to another world – the ear-splitting bass of one side of the big block exiting centimetres from his right ear through a four-inch pipe. It must be love.

2. 1963 Ford Galaxie R-code

It’s 1963 and NASCAR racing is flourishing. In fact, it’s a purple patch for the sport with the major manufacturers involved at factory (and quasi-factory) level. Greats like Richard Petty, Dan Gurney and Junior Johnson all duke it out every weekend. Of course, back then, to race in NASCAR you didn’t just take a tube-chassis and flop a fibreglass husk over it like you do today. Oh no, you wanna race with the big boys, you need to homologate a car.

3. Aussie Original - locally-built 1967-68 series

A curious event occurred in Ford’s Australian showrooms in 1967 and ’68, one that could only happen here. Every local Ford reflected the latest models available in Ford’s US and British showrooms, with the entire range clearly linked thanks to the Blue Oval’s latest styling direction.

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