Motorclassica stages a big comeback for 2022

By: Unique Cars magazine

motorclassica icons overhead 1 The Icons of Speed display held some fearsome kit. motorclassica icons overhead 1
motorclassica overhead Ferraris from across the decades dominate the centre hall. motorclassica overhead
ferrari sf90 stradale lorbek Lorbek has a big show, including the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. ferrari sf90 stradale lorbek
ferrari 330 gtc 1 A Ferrari 330 GTC gets a going-over from the judges. ferrari 330 gtc 1
BMW batmobile 3 0csi 1 Locally-owned Batmobile is perfect eye-candy for the 50 years of BMW M Division theme. BMW batmobile 3 0csi 1
charger r t VH 1 Local hero cars were there in good numbers – such as this VH Charger. charger r t VH 1
chrysler 1934 Stylish 1934 Chrysler. chrysler 1934
ferrari dino No Ferrari diaplay is complete without a Dino. ferrari dino
Ford Falcon XY GT HO ph3 1 Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III holds up the Australian end in the Icons of Speed section. Ford Falcon XY GT HO ph3 1
giocatttolo 1 One of two Giocattolos that made it to the show. giocatttolo 1
jag xk140 1 Jaguar XK140 looks as though it's hungry. jag xk140 1
jag xk140 engine One of the best-looking engines, ever? jag xk140 engine
lambo silhouette 1 Lamborghini Silhouette – very rare. lambo silhouette 1
merc benz 300SL gullwing 1 Mercedes-Benz Gullwing faces the judges. merc benz 300SL gullwing 1
MG Airline 1935 1 MG Airline coupe from 1935. MG Airline 1935 1
lotus europa 1 Lotus Europa was truly avant garde in its day. lotus europa 1
mustang motorsport 1 Mustang Motorsport turned on a display. mustang motorsport 1
napier samson 1904 1 Napier Samson from 1904 looks fierce. napier samson 1904 1
porsche 911 1965 1 1965 Porsche 911 shows off its simple classic lines. porsche 911 1965 1
rolls royce 1928 1 1928 Rolls-Royce looks imposing. rolls royce 1928 1
schacht 1909 1 1909 Schacht buggy gives meaning to the phrase "horseless carriage". schacht 1909 1
renaults 1 Rally-themed Renaults gather. renaults 1
hk monaro patras HK Monaro owned by Arthur Patras has been featured by Unique Cars mag. hk monaro patras
shelby mustang gt 350 Shelby Mustang GT350 looks purposeful. shelby mustang gt 350
suoerlite w walkinshaw 7lt lorbek 1 Exotic Superlite in the Lorbek display. It's running a Walkinshaw-tuned LS7. suoerlite w walkinshaw 7lt lorbek 1
motorclassica bugatti ferrari icons of speed 1 Bugatti and Ferrari share the limelight at Icons of Speed. motorclassica bugatti ferrari icons of speed 1
lambo miura One of two Lamborghini Miuras that made it. The other is featured in the current Unique Cars magazine (#470) lambo miura
koenigsegg jesko absolut 1 Koenigsegg Jesko does a pretty convincing impersonation of alien technology. koenigsegg jesko absolut 1

Premium classics event is as strong as ever

motorclassica entry w lambo huracan.jpg

Motorclassica, billed as the country’s premium concours event, came back with a vengeance this year after a two-year Covid-enforced lay-off. Held at the historic Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, Melbourne, it had no trouble filling the halls with premium classics.

motorclassica mark jansen chief curator_1.jpg

Mark Jansen (pictured), Chief Curator for Motorclassica and proprietor of classic car business Oldtimer Australia, was upbeat about the return of the event.

"Normally we have around 120 cars. Of that maybe 50 are curated and 70 selected from entries," he explained.

"With all the pent-up demand of the event not being run since 2019, we received close to 350 entries for cars, which is mind-boggling.

"We do have more cars here this year – just over 140 cars on the floor, which we’ve restructured.

"It’s exciting that there has been so much interest from the classic car world to get Motorclassica back.

"And we’ve had to say no to so many great cars, not because they’re not worthy!"

Jansen mentions that sometimes there are simply more cars of a certain type or model than the event can handle.

"There are lots of good cars that didn’t make it, simply because they didn’t fit with the classes we have this year and hopefully they can re-apply next year.

"It’s a great position to be in for the event and reinforces the strength of the hobby, which quite frankly is as popular as it’s ever been."


Among the highlights was a broad Ferrari line-up celebrating 75 years of the marque, and the Icons of Speed section featuring exotics such as Pagani, Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

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