Mercedes-Benz Sedan/Coupe 1955-1986: Market Review 2019

By: Cliff Chambers

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Mercedes-Benz Sedan/Coupe 1955-1986 market review

Early ‘Ponton’ models seem stalled at $15-20,000 but that’s probably fair money given the cost of keeping cars like these in running order.

Later ‘finny’ sedans at $20,000 offer better value and should continue to climb. 220-280SE coupes and especially convertibles have become very expensive.

Later 250/280SE four-doors have enjoyed a recent spike in values putting them close to $20,000 but that might not be sustained.

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Maintenance issues ensure 380SE/SEL sedans can appear very cheap, when buyers would be better served by spending more on a well-kept 380SEC.

Among the cars to watch are late-series 280CE hardtops and the 450SEL 6.9. These brutish supercars remain relatively cheap to buy and do deserve preservation.

220S 1955-59 $15,425 [13] 

220/230S Sedan $21,570 [15]

250-280SE 1967-73 $18,670 [13] 

250C/280CE $22,155 [12]

380SE/SEL $6280 [9] 

380SEC $14,690 [10] 

450SEL 6.9 $42,280 [5]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2019 European & British Value Guide.


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