MG Sedan/Sports 1946-73 - 2018 Market Review

By: Cliff Chambers

MG Sedan/Sports 1946-73

MG Sedan/Sports 1946-73 - 2018 Market Review

MGB sales are regarded as a barometer of the classic vehicle market and right now the needle is flicking towards ‘Fine’. Average prices are finally above $20,000 and top cars worth $40,000+.

Movements in the value of ‘B’s still can’t match the earlier MGA which looks headed very shortly for $50,000.

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T-Types with their vintage looks and matching performance bob along but are barely keeping pace with inflation.

Those looking for practical classic transport will easily locate a hatchback MGB GT and usually pay less than for a Roadster.

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Australia didn’t officially import GTs [although lots came here] so local fibreglass factories like J&S built fastback conversions which did a similar job.

TC $46,850 [4]

TD $29,000 [8]

TF $40,300 [13]

MGA $38,895 [18]

MGB Roadster $22,015 [40]

MGB GT $16,480 [17]

Midget 1967-73 $14,870 [23]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2018 Euro & Brit Car Value Guide.


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