Dodge Coronet, Charger, Super Bee, Dart, Viper and Ram market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

Dodge Challenger 1974 Dodge Challenger 1974

Dodge is one of those brands where a premium car is worth a fortune, but there's still some good buying


Dodge Coronet/Charger/Super Bee 1964-73

Australia didn’t get a lot of US-made Dodges when they were new, but importers have been busy since the 1990s. Our market is now well supplied with Chargers and Challengers plus the occasional RT Coronet or Super Bee. Most of these cars have single-carbie 6.3-litre engines and aren’t brutally fast, however, for less than $100,000 it’s possible to find 440-cubic-inch versions of most models. R/T Coronets with triple-carburettor Six-Pack V8s and 280kW have already hit $175,000 in the US market will be $250,000 landed here. Base model Chargers cost $50-60,000 with a 383 V8 or you can spend double that amount on an R/T440.

Model Year Value Recorded Sales
Polara/Monaco 1964-72 $38,300 [3]
Charger/SE 1966-70 $50,460 [5]
Coronet RT/Superbee 1967-72 $47,350 [4]
Charger R/T 1968-70 $83,835 [3]
Charger/SE 1971-73 $52,000 [3]


Dodge Dart/Challenger/Viper/Ram SRT10 1967-2005

From 2018, changes to regulations will allow more Dodge Vipers and even the SRT8 Ram pickup to be imported. When Vipers hit 25 years old they won’t need costly RHD conversions in some states and prices could be halved. Other Dodges with performance appeal include big-block Challengers, especially R/T versions. In the US these cost up to $100,000 for coupes but most here have a basic 383 or even 318 V8. Dodge Darts resemble our VF-VG Valiant Hardtop but come with V8 engines up to 5.9 litres. A sporty 340-cubic-inch Swinger was offered recently at around $60,000.

Model Year Value Recorded Sales
Dart V8 1967-72 $47,965 [3]
Challenger 318/383   $50,425 [10]
Challenger 383/440   $63,165 [12]
Viper 1992-02 $99,800 [5]
Ram SRT10   $79,760 [8]


Values are for 2015-16. Concours cars will fetch a premium.

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