Video: Cheap Fix for Rust

Kill that rust! Here's a cheap fix that works

Our part-time Volkswagen racer and full-time shed-dweller Glenn ‘GT’ Torrens brings you a neat little video tip for killing the rust on that resto part, without having to spend a fortune. Watch it here…

There are all sorts of methods for removing rust and much will depend on where it is, how thick the metal is and how much ‘meat’ is likely to be left after you’ve cut away the rot.

What you need to do is have a look at the situation. If you’re just trying to stop relatively light rot and prepare a surface for a quick paint, the application of a rust inhibitor can be the way to go. Follow that up with a rust prevention primer and then you can finish off the surface for final painting.

For smaller areas of deeper rust, maybe a wire brush on a power tool will do the job. The key thing here is to make sure you get everything. Leaving even a tiny amount will lead to trouble later.

When it comes to panels, sometimes you have to admit defeat and find a replacement, or cut back the affected area and make a replacement by hand. This can take time and skill (which can be learned) and you may be surprised at how accessible that is. There are plenty of online resources to show you more.

What Glenn is showing you here is a brilliant and ridiculously cheap way to clear off serious rust on heavy metal parts. As he points out, a 10:1 mix of water and molasses (your local livestock feed store will have it) makes a perfect de-rusting solution.

You can create a ‘bath’ out of any storage bin from the local discount store, but make sure it has a lid, for two reasons: one is to keep the smell in and the other is to keep the insects and wandering children at bay.

As you’ll see in the video, this is an old-skool method and dead easy. Enjoy!

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