1967 Pontiac Parisienne - Reader Ride

By: Unique Cars magazine

pontiac parisienne 2 pontiac parisienne 2
pontiac parisienne plate pontiac parisienne plate

Pontiac by Holden out of Chevrolet via Canada with a French influence - meet Jason and Carina's multicultural classic


Jason & Carina Bates' Pontiac Parisienne

A lot of people don’t realise, but these were actually an Australian-assembled vehicle. Thanks to the favourable duties applied on products from other Commonwealth nations, they were sourced as CKD kits from GM’s Oshawa plant in Canada, then assembled here by Holden.

Unlike the US Pontiacs, they share a lot of Chev stuff, including the 327ci V8 engine, Chev X-frame chassis and a 1965 Chev dashboard. This was a Sydney car and I recently discovered that the first owner was the father of a colleague of mine! Small world!

Pontiac -parisienne

I bought it off my boss and have now owned it about 22 years. It’s a great weekend cruiser and I’ve really only dug it out again over the last few months and got back into it.


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