Holden HQ Monaro GTS 253 - Reader Ride

By: Unique Cars magazine

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holden hq monaro rear holden hq monaro rear

Team Red or Team Blue? Dad answered he question by taking his cash to the local Holden dealer


Carol Nunn's Holden HQ Monaro

When my Dad was in the Air Force, he received a bonus and although Mum was keen on a Ford LTD, Dad went into Peter Page Holden and bought this Purr-Pull Monaro sedan.

Once it was delivered, we packed up and drove to Cooma where it had its 1000-mile service the next day. We went all over Australia in it; Alice, the Daintree, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra; you name it.

Carol -nunn

I got it in 1998 when I was 25; it’s a four-speed manual with no power steering and Mum just couldn’t drive it; you’ve got to have muscles! I drove it every day until 2012. I’ve given it a paintjob, but the interior and engine are all original, except for the gas which Dad put on in the 80s.



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