Richo's Rocket + Spoke'N Hot + Carbon Copies - Gearbox #490

Christmas is over so it's time for new toys


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Before Nissan’s Godzilla there was the HR31, Jimmy Richards’ favourite Nissan race car. Not only was the HR31 the first Nissan Richards drove, he also clinched the Australian Touring Car crown in it. Now Supersonic Collectibles has just released a 1:18 scale version.

It’s superbly finished in the iconic Nissan red, white and blue livery and carries number 2 on the door, Richards’ number that season. The level of detail is quite amazing too and it is a worthy addition to a collection for any Nissan or Touring car fan.

From $369.95.

Spoke’n Hot

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Whether you own a British sports car or something more modern, wire wheels add the finishing touches. The place for top-notch Dayton wire wheels is The Healey Factory.They’re the most ruggedly built wire wheels of all.

They feature stainless steel, swaged alloy spokes that are thicker at the hub and tapered to the rim. This process gives them a smooth, brilliant finish. The four-layer nickel-chrome plating is used for durability and corrosion resistance. They come in a range of sizes in knock-off or spline-drive configurations.

Countdown, Ignition

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Performance Ignition has Scorcher electronic ignition to suit a BDA, BDD, BDG, or Lotus Twin Cam. Like all Scorcher products it’s machined and hand-built made in Melbourne with the best components.

This unit is for race and rally use and is just the thing for high revving, high-compression race engines. It has been tailored to sit under the Weber carby set-up found on most BDA, Lotus Twin Cam and Ford cross-flow engines. It comes with a 600mm wiring harness.

Cost is $1500.

Carbon Copies


Euro Empire Auto specialises in performance and cosmetic upgrades for most Euro brands. Its latest offering is a pair of carbon-fibre mirror caps to suit G80, G82, G42, G87 BMWs. These lightweight caps are extremely durable, fit perfectly and are a great way to personalise your Beemer.

They are made to OEM standard and are easy to instal, replacing the existing mirror housings. And the carbon fibre is the real stuff, with excellent weatherproofing qualities.

Cost is $349.99.

Brock Knob

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The legacy of the late, great Peter Brock and his range of special road cars, lives on at HDT. If you have a Commodore of the VK or VL persuasion fitted with a (rare) manual gearbox and the gear knob is looking a bit tatty, check out this soft-feel unit.

Black in colour it comes in four and five speed configurations, and it features the famous HDT logo embossed into the knob. Like the cars themselves, this gear knob is made of the highest quality materials and is designed to screw straight on to the existing gear lever.

From $140.

Stand Up

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It’s very satisfying tackling a project like an engine rebuild, and once it’s complete and back in your rig, firing it up for the first time. To do this you’ll need an engine stand. From Machinery House is the ESR-450 stand with a 450kg capacity.

The heavy-duty and sturdy ESR-450 sits on six swivel caster wheels and has fold-up legs for storing. Easy access to the engine, from all angles, is due to its rotary design and adjustable mounting arms, which allow you to achieve the right angle and position.

Cost is $429.

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