Pre-Production Mustangs sold

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65 pre pro mustangs Pre-Production Mustangs sold 65 pre pro mustangs

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Two of only fifteen 1964 pre-production Mustangs built were recently up for grabs with Hemmings auctions. 

According to Hemmings around 180 pre-production Mustangs were built with about 15 escaping their usual fate of being crushed, following their use as engineering mules, assembly process testbeds, marketing research tools or static displays.

The two Mustangs are being offered by a collector from Arizona and what makes this pair more remarkable is their consecutive VINs: 5F08F100139 and 5F08100140. 

The pair are both convertibles, finished in Rangoon Red with black vinyl interiors, one sporting a black soft top and the other a white, otherwise they’re identically equipped with F-code 260 V-8 engines and C-4 three-speed auto transmissions.

Both cars have undergone concours-level restorations, car 0139 in 2019 and 0140 in 2009 and both have gone on to collect many awards including Mustang Club of America Gold awards. Since the restos 0139 has travelled 30 miles and 0140 roughly 250 miles. Total mileage is 85,641 for 0139 and 88,858 miles on 0140.

The two pre-production cars have many chassis and suspension components that differ from the production cars as well as a lot of hand-finished trim and hand-assembled parts. 

Other changes from pre-production to the cars on showroom floors include gunmetal grey-painted grilles rather than the darker gunmetal blue grilles of the production models. The signature galloping pony grille emblem has an eye on the pre-production models that disappeared on the production cars. 

A few of the pre-prod cars also had silver-painted engines making it easier to spot leaks on test vehicles, while the production car engines were painted black.

The seller is reportedly the third owner of one of the cars and the fourth owner of the other. 

Their sale as a consecutively numbered pair, with matching equipment and believed original engines, was a unique collector’s opportunity, with these pre-production Mustangs representing an important artefact of one of the most iconic American cars
in history. 

No sale price has been revealed, but you could expect it to be substantial.

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