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Inside this month's Unique Cars gearbox...


1. Falcon RPO83 1:18 scale model


Almost as revered as the GT-HO badge is the lesser known RP083. Ford fans know this innocuous code means something special.

While the Phase IV never got into production lots of the bits had arrived at the factory in anticipation. So instead of doing their dough Ford threw them on unsuspecting XA GTs. If you own one you are luckier than a lotto winner. But 800 people can own one of these 1-18 scale Jewel Green XA RP083 sedans from Classic Carlectables. 



2. Workbench package


Machinery House reckons you can tinker in your shed in style with its IWB-40 industrial workbench package deal. For $1947 you get an industrial-duty work bench with a load capacity of 1000kg. It’s made from heavy duty powder coated steel and finished with a rounded PVC edged 41mm laminated bench top. It also comes with fixed top and bottom shelves, a range of tool hooks, hangers and storage buckets plus a six-drawer and two-drawer tool cabinets that slide under the bench. Go to 



3. Commodore VB-VP door pockets


Remember when door pockets were called map pockets and we didn’t cram drink bottles into them but used them for their intended purpose, carrying maps? If you have a Commodore from VB to VP and are about to embark on an interior resto and need some new map pockets, Rare Spares has just what you need. They are made from the genuine GM supplier tooling and come with all the brackets and screws ready to be popped into place. For more information head to



4. Vehicle care kit


Jay Leno is equally famous for his automotive passion and enviable car collection as his TV exploits. So it’s no surprise he has put his name to a range of car care products. Jay Lenos Garage Vehicle Care Kit contains all the ingredients you need to make your chariot shine like new including vehicle wash, quick detailer, hand wax, tyre and trim care plus microfibre cloths and applicators for $118 at Mustang Motorsport.



5. 90 years of Italian style


Like most car enthusiasts you have probably been captivated and surprised by some of the jaw-dropping designs to emerge from the Italian studios of Pininfarina. Best known for their masterwork with brands like Ferrari this book contains 90 limited edition design pieces signed by Paolo Pininfarina. Also contained in this 528 page book are over 800 colour and black and white photos of the work from Pininfarina’s studios that documents the coachbuilders as well. It is available for $180 through the Collector book store.



6. Custom car cover


One thing Australia is excellent at is harsh climactic conditions. Searing summers and blizzards through winters. Neither of these do your car any good. A bloke called Dave at Australian Custom Car covers will do a tailor made cover in soft velour.
They are available in a range of colours and embroidery, should you wish, and is included in the price. They are not waterproof but are designed to be used in the shed or carport.



From Unique Cars #453, May 2021

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