GT racer model + HDT umbrella + Toyota badge + more - Gearbox 452

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Inside this month's Unique Cars gearbox


1. GT Racer


If you’ve occasionally toyed with the idea of getting into radio-controlled model cars, this might be just enough to tip you over the edge. Made by Tamiya, it’s a 1/10 scale Ford GT MkII track car. The maker says it requires some minor assembly (decals etc) and all the gear is supplied. That includes an electric motor which is hooked up to a 4WD system. It’s about 48cm long and is priced around $220. (Item no. 58689)


2. HDT umbrella


Apparently having to brave a bit of rain is no reason not to look stylish, or that’s one of the excuses for this one. Evidently is has a double nylon canopy (we have to admit to not being experts on umbrella-tech) while carrying both HDT and Brock 05 logos. It’s part of a much wider cattledog that includes car parts, shirts, key rings and other paraphernalia.



3. Porsche fashion


This is one of those things that we’re pretty sure doesn’t carry the Porsche factory imprimatur, however we’re happy to leave that for other folk to agonise over. The gist of it is a series of 911 sihouettes from across the decades, with the legend "silhouette history". The design is by Gabor Vida. The shirts are 50/50 cotton and polyester and the price is just shy of US$31 (Au$40) plus shipping. They’re sold by a company called Fine Art America.


4. Datto grille


As our resident shed-dweller Glenn ‘GT’ Torrens notes elsewhere in this fine family publication, the increasing availability of repro restoration parts is saving an awful lot of projects these days. On that theme, here’s a new reproduction grille with badge for a Datsun 1600, a car which, as we all know, is now worth fairly solid money these days. This one is being offered by our friends at Muscle Car Parts in Sydney and is priced at $1000.



5. Carchitecture book


Yep, this is a new one on us too – the relationship between cars and houses. From the publisher: Not only does this combination generate beautiful pictures – eye candy for both architecture lovers and car freaks – but it is also a fascinating marriage. Where, for instance, did the idea come from that every self-respecting architect automatically drove a Saab? And is Frank Lloyd Wright really the inventor of the carport? $70.50


From Unique Cars #452, April 2021

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