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It's time to get electric

"We’re enthusiasts first" says Harry Hamann, CEO of GET Electric.

But in a modern urban environment, he says "it’s simply not feasible to drive a Ferrari Testarossa in traffic everyday".

And with some nations in Europe already earmarking the end of new internal combustion cars in as little as ten years GET believes that our beloved petrol burners won’t disappear, their use will simply change.

"The same way horses became things of recreation after the motor car came along".

GET has developed a universal EV charging model which is affordable, easy to use and easy to install. Offering both commercial (22kW) and domestic (7kW) charging applications, their systems are fitted with automatic load management systems, and are able to be installed in older buildings without the need to overhaul or update the electrical infrastructure.

Headquartered in Melbourne, GET also has offices in Qld and WA, as well as a network of accredited installers across the country.

You can visit them at or reach them at


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